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Complete Analysis of the
Holy Bible
How to Comprehend Holy Writ
From its Own Interpretation,
Containing the Whole of the
Collected and systematically arranged in Thirty Books;
Together with
An Introduction,
Setting forth the Character of the work, and the immense Facility this
Method affords the Reader for Understanding the Word of GOD.
Three different Tables of Contents Prefixed,
A General Index of Subjects, A Scripture Index, and Tables of Principal Subjects
With their Parallel Sections subjoined,
So elaborated and arranged in Alphabetical Order as to direct at Once
To any Subject required
Rev. Nathaniel West,  D.D.

Including a Map of Palestine - A Family Record - a pronouncing Dictionary of Scripture proper names - An interpreting Dictionary of Scripture proper names - Tables of Scripture Measures, weights, and coins,
With full explanations - statistics of the existing religious Denominations in the World - and the History of the Bible.


Copied from Original Text
And transcribed from the New King James Text


    In presenting "an Analysis of the Holy Bible" to the American public it seems proper to set forth -

The arrangement adopted in the work.
The excellence of this arrangement.
The complete facility the Analysis affords for understanding the sacred volume; and
Conclude with an earnest appeal designed to promote the study of the Holy Scriptures in this form.

The Arrangement of the Work

    This Analysis of the Bible is arranged in the order of Books - Chapters - and Sections.  These departments embrace Thirty Books; two hundred and eighty-five chapters; and altogether four thousand one hundred and forty-four sections.
    The title of each Book gives name to its subject, as  "the Book of Politics,"  &c.  All the Bible contains on that subject is arranged under that head.  The title of each Chapter is expressive of all included in that portion of that Book.  And the caption of each Section develops the prominent idea embraced in the section.  This is the order throughout the work.
    In the whole arrangement is found the Old and New Testaments entire.  No passage is repeated, excepting such as the original repeats.  Thus the Bible is reduced to such analytical order, as to have every subject it treats of collected, arranged, and assigned to its place, under the appropriate titles of Books, Chapters, and Sections.

The Excellence of this Arrangement.

The whole Bible in its present form, has its diversified subjects in all their phases of variation scattered throughout its pages indiscriminately.  This discovers the wisdom of GOD to His church.  He meant His people should have scope for literary, scientific, and spiritual industry, in collecting and concentrating the rays of heavenly light which shine out in His Word, and by arranging these rays properly, cause their light and heat when compelled to pass in compressed force through the lens of their respective subjects, to burn the conviction of their divine origin, truth, and power, into the conscience of every sincere reader!  This is just what the "Analysis of the Holy Bible" does!
Concordances of the Scriptures are considered indispensable to the Ministers of Christ; and of all Concordances Cruden's is the best.  But this Analysis to a great extent supersedes their use.  The subject once chosen, there is nothing to do, but open the Analysis on the part required, and all the Bible says on every topic of that subject is there, and every part is in order following each other in the true succession of connection, and the caption of each section keeping the main idea taught, fully before the mind.  After the necessary references are sought in a Concordance, then the places in the Bible have to be consulted, because the places referred to in the Concordance are not in full text.  But all the perplexity of turning to the Concordance and then to the Bible, so frequently, to avoid mistakes and secure correctness, is almost entirely obviated.  The time by more than one half is saved, the mind kept cheerful, unwearied, and active, with lively interest, by having all that is wanted from the Bible in full, as to book, chapter, verse, words, and natural connection, laid open in the Analysis.
Other Scripture helps have been compiled, as Clarke's Scripture Promise - Gaston's Collections - Scripture common-place books -  Scripture helps -  Scripture References -  Scripture Manuals, &c. &c.  But although these may be all good as far as they extend, yet they do not meet the wants of the study, nor satisfy the ever-searching mind of man in fully setting the point he is endeavoring to determine.  Beside, these works, and "all of kindred sort," only take in certain portions of the Scripture, and their arrangements are "not so majestically simple" and perspicuous, "as to dissipate obsucrations of the mind," but the volume under consideration is the whole Bible.  It is "a Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible."  Again: the helps alluded to, embrace only some subjects of the scared volume; but the Analysis contains every subject, and under a systematic distribution of parts.  Therefore the Analysis possesses and excellence superior to all other published classified arrangements of the Bible, in its mode of presenting the truth of God to man.

The complete Facility this Analysis Affords for Understanding the Sacred Volume.

    We have said that other helps to a right understanding of the Bible only include certain portions of the sacred volume.  These portions too, for the most part, refer only to ecclesiastical, religious, and spiritual topics.  But the "Complete Analysis" comprises every subject found in the Book of GOD.  To illustrate our idea of the facility offered by this arrangement for understanding the scared writers, two subjects are selected.  These two are of vital importance to every nation, and especially to these United States.

The subject of Politics.  Every Christian patriot is interested in the politics of his country.   The grand question with the true Christian and wise politician is, "Do our statesmen pursue a course in conducting the affairs of the nation within the compass of the revealed will of GOD?"  Now, in the Analysis, all said in the Bible in reference to Politics is collected and arranged.  The "Book of Politics" gives what divine revelation says on the subject, without notes or theories from man.  It shows in its chapters on "Solitude, Society, Equilibrium, Traveling, Politics, Servitude, Slave-trade, Riches, Poverty, Commutation, Presents, Inheritance, Commutation (spiritual), Prisons, and Law", the whole subject.  And if the Chapters in this Book on Servitude and Slave-trade be selected, in order to have the mind of GOD on these topics, without any interference from man's wisdom, all in the Bible on these conditions of society is found under pertinent classification.
The Book on the subject of WAR, farther shows the facility the Analysis affords in understanding any subject found in the Bible.  Under the head, "Book of War," the Chapters are, "Lawfulness of War, Providence, Recruiting, Allies, Officers, Army, Arms, Battles, Fortifications, Tactics, Flight, Plunder, Prisoners of War, Returns, Warriors, Treaties, and News."  These Chapters present the subject of War in their numerous sections in every necessary aspect, and in words of Holy Inspiration, amounting in light and instruction, almost to bidding defiance to the mind of man, if sane, to misunderstand the divine meaning.
If a man were writing on any subject in relation to Deity, or the person of CHRIST, he has only to open the Analysis on "The Book of Deity" or the Book, "Jesus Christ," and he will find whatever he wants from the Bible on these important subjects arranged in order.  The arrangement given in the Analysis, especially in the Books on Arts and Sciences - when viewed in their connected forms, raises admiration to its climax, and leaves the impression on the mind so vivid, clear large and convincing, that unbelief itself would be ashamed to dispute!  Nay, the full belief is induced in the truth of saying of an ancient writer, that "the Bible has strewed in its pages the latent seeds of all useful knowledge, that man can attain to, in time or in eternity!"  The arrangement of the Bible into the form of a thoroughly-digested Analysis, is a work of such incalculable value, that to estimate its worth, is altogether impossible.

An Earnest Appeal, Designed to Promote The Study of the Holy Scriptures in their Analyzed Form.

    Talbot's Analysis of the Holy Bible, on which the present work is based, though imperfect in many respects, has been my study-companion for the past twenty-five years.  The direction it has given to my studies; the light it has thrown on each subject brought from time to time under consideration; the facilities it has given me in preparing special discourses; the deep conviction it has wrought in my soul, of the absolute truth of the Holy Scriptures; the weapons it has furnished to my understanding, with which to meet every heresy, and false principle in doctrine, by which I have been assailed; the discipline it has exercised in expanding and strengthening my memory; the pertinence, ease, and delight this has afforded in referring to, and applying the Scriptures, while preaching the glorious gospel of the blessed GOD; but above all, the unwavering adherence to, and love for the truth "as it is in Jesus," this book has been instrumental of working in my heart; can only be responded to by me in devout thanksgiving to GOD through Jesus Christ, that His merciful providence ever deigned to put such a book into my hands!   I have never shown it to any competent judge, lay or clerical, of any evangelical denomination, but who after eve a partial examination, expressed his strong desire to see it published, after proper corrections, but differently arranged, and accompanied with a suitable Introduction, and elaborate Indexes of its Books, Chapters, and Sections.  This is now done!

    I can therefore most seriously recommend this Analysis in its present form, from my own experience of the immense value and importance of such a work, to every reader of the sacred records in this, and every other Christian country in the world.  Each member of every Theological faculty should make it his own.  Every minister of Christ should possess it.  Every student of Divinity ought to make it his constant companion.  Every spiritual and secular officer of every Christian congregation should make it his reference book and guide.  No Christian head of a family ought to be without it.  No superintendent or teacher of a Sabbath school can find anything equal to this, to assist him in preparing to perform his interesting duties.  And as "the Analysis of the Holy Bible" is really and truly the Bible interpreting itself on every subject taught in the Book of GOD: so every professor of every art, and every science, and every student and writer of history, whether natural, national, ecclesiastical, or universal history, ought to make it a part of his library.  No superior or subordinate military officer should be destitute of this Analysis, for the whole subject of war is found in its pages, every part in its place, and the whole in one continuous connection.

    The same is true of naval officers, and naval science.  All things in relation to naval architecture, "from the keel to the rigging," and all concerning marine arrangements, whether in reference to "men of war, or merchantmen," are found classed in their several collocations and assigned places.  The sciences of Metaphysics, Astronomy, Mechanics, Architecture, Trade, Music, &c., &c., prove by their analytical arrangement, that every teacher and lover of these departments of knowledge should possess this volume, because all true and useful knowledge comes from GOD, and ought to lead to GOD.  The "Analysis of the Bible" therefore pre-eminently demonstrates, to whom the wise and skillful, in useful inventions and improvements, are indebted for the discoveries they have made.  

    Nor should the teachers of Grammar and Rhetoric be without this volume, for the choicest specimens of language, oratory, and elocution, the world ever saw or heard, are found in this Analysis, arranged in their places.  The far-back reaching antiquarian should have this book, and try himself upon its antiquities; for here he will find ground for questions, under the head Personification, which will exercise his knowledge in stretching itself back to a period anterior to the date of "the everlasting hills!"

    Finally, every statesman and legislator ought to carefully peruse and study this Analysis; for the science of good government is beautifully presented therein, and good national rulers are shown to the governed to be as great a blessing to them and their interests, as "a morning without clouds, and the clear shining of the sun after rain" are to the vegetation of the earth - 2 Sam. Xxiii 4. But a practical use of the Analysis itself, will give the searcher after truth, a better conception of its intrinsic worth and high importance, than any written panegyric whatever.

    I would further urge my appeal to promote the prayerful  and diligent study of the Holy Bible, in its analyzed form,
by the motive of personal spiritual advantage.  And here I might adopt almost verbatim, the language and sentiments of the venerable translators of our present version, and say:  What Scriptural piety can there be without saving truth?  What saving truth without the Word of GOD?  And what Word of GOD have we whereof we may be certain, without the Holy Scriptures?  We are commanded to "search the Scriptures," - John v. 39.  They are said to have "no light" who search them not, - Isaiah viii. 20.  They are commended who " searched them." - Acts xvii 11.  They are reproved who were unskillful in them, - Matthew xxii 29.  They are called "fools" who were slow to believe them. - Luke xxiv. 25.  The Scriptures can make us wise to salvation. - 2 Timothy iii 15.  If ignorant, they will reform us, -- verse 92.  If dull and careless, they will arouse and quicken us - verse 154.  And if cold, they are the fuel which increases the spiritual fire in our hearts, to make them "burn by the way!" - Luke xxiv 32.

    One ancient Father says, "Whatsoever is in the Scriptures, believe me, is high and divine.  There is verity, truth, and a doctrine most fit for the refreshing and renewing of men's minds, and truly so tempered, that every one may draw thence what is sufficient for him, if he come to draw with a devout and pious mind, as the Scriptures requireth."  Another renowned Father says, Ama Scripturas et amabit te sapientia, i.e., "Love the Scriptures, and wisdom will love thee."  Another venerable name, in writing against Julian, boldly asserts to the imperial apostate, that "even boys bred up, in the Scriptures, become most religious."  The ancients spoke much of "then Philosopher's stone," the touch of which turned baser metals into gold.  But the Word of GOD "is better than thousands of gold and silver."  Psalm exix. 72.  "It is better than rubies, and all things that may be desired are not to be compared to it."  Proverbs viii. 11.  They wrote of their "Cornucopia," which contained in it all things necessary for food, but the Bible is an exhaustless storehouse of the choicest aliment, for the immortal mind of man!  Phil iv 19.  They praised their herb called "Panacea," because good for all diseases; but the Holy Scriptures are not only an herb, but a tree, yea, a paradise of trees of life, yielding fruit every month for meat, and leaves for medicine, sufficient for the healing of all nations.  They landed their drug, called "Catholicon,"  because they held it instead of all other remedies; but the Word of GOD is the true Catholicon, which not only cures, but prevents the return of all diseases of the soul, Psalm exix 11.  And they sung in triumph of "Vulcan's armour," as proof against every enemy, and every weapon.  But the Bible discovers "the whole armour of GOD," replete with weapons, both offensive and defensive, by which we may put the enemy to flight and save ourselves, Ephesians vi 10-16.  The Holy Scriptures are not merely a well, but a river of the water of life; not only ancle-deep, for new learners to dabble in, but deep enough, and wide enough for the most profound Theologians to swim in, without ever touching either bottom or shore!  Ezek. xlvii 5. Romans xi 33.  They are a bed of the goodliest pearls, and the deeper we dive into the sea of divine revelation, the larger, more beautiful, and more costly they are.  Matthew xiii. 45-46.  They are a mine of the purest gold, and the most soul-enriching treasure, but the command of the owner of the field where this treasure lies hidden is, "Search the Scriptures,"  and this we must do, as miners search for gold, if we mean to be rich in faith, and heirs of the Kingdom of GOD.  Matthew xiii 44.  John v. 39.  James ii, 5.  The Book of GOD is a casket of the rarest and richest gems, which bespangle the soul of the wearer, rendering it most brilliant in the eyes of Christ - even like a bride adorned with her jewels.  Isaiah lxi. 10.  And one ancient Father compares the Bible to "an apothecary's shop, filled with all manner of preservatives against poisoned heresies, and a pandect of most profitable laws against rebellious spirits.  In a word, as the Song of Solomon is the "Song of Songs," and as the Lord Jesus is the "King of Kings," so the Bible is the "the Book of Books."
    The Bible has revealed the sublime system of Christianity to man.  It has organized every Christian congregation, educated and inducted to office every Christian minister; has instituted every university, college, theological seminary, and school of sound learning in the world, and provided them in professors and teachers; and it has erected every Christian Sabbath school, and inspired their officers and teachers with the spirit of their duty.  This wonderful book has the largest circulation and is read in more languages than any single book known in the universe.  It has exercised the greatest talents of the greatest men the Great GOD ever made!  It has soared infinitely above the loftiest intellect of the most far-reaching and discriminating metaphysician.  It has proved a master-piece to the eagle-eyed astronomer, and the profoundest geometrician.  It has proved to the whole learned Christian world, that the indispensable science of mechanics "is the geometry of motion!"  It gave the renowned Borhaave his celebrity as a physician, constituted Sydenham "the father of modern medicine;" and its light discovered to the celebrated Harvey "the circulation of the blood!"  The Bible gave to Sir Isaac Newton the title of "the link between angels and men," and compelled the German philosophers to proclaim him to the world, "the most profound and perfect geometrician ever known."  It illuminated the fame of George Washington with such a constellation of shining virtues, so attractively blended as to force his transatlantic reviewers to pronounce him "the purest of patriots," "the ablest of generals," and "the modest violet, blooming in the wilderness!"  Its heaven-descended doctrines overthrew Voltaire, the great enemy of Christ, and all the infidels of tat infidel's age, and of every age since the Bible was revealed to our world.  And its ineffable and effulgent light brought the critical and logical John Locke to the conclusion, that "GOD is its author; Truth, without mixture of error, its matter; and Salvation its end."

    The secret operations of the power of the Holy Scriptures have overthrown every fallen empire, effected every beneficial revolution in nations, raised up and sustained every good government in the world, given all the rational liberty which man enjoys, and conferred on These United States all the light, liberty, learning, wealth, useful institutions, and national improvements they now possess.  The learning of the Bible is the most varied and profound; its histories the most ancient and interesting; its works of art the most exquisite and astonishing; its specimens of  musical science the most simple, sweet, and celestial that ever vibrated on the human ear; its imagery the most flowing, gorgeous, and diversified that ever entertained created fancy:  and its poetry the most elevated, holy, and extatic that ever inspired the human soul!  In perfection of eloquence, the Bible can have no competitor.  No uninspired orator could ever be found to compare with the prophet Amos.  The epic grandeur of Milton, and the entrancing raptures of eloquence with that single stanza from the lips of the inspired herdsman of Tekoah.  Amos iv 13.  Nor can a specimen be selected from the productions of any rhetorician or philosopher, from the far-famed Aristotle to the elegant Dr. Blair, which in beauty and force will compare in the smallest measure with the inspired speech of Abigail to David. 1 Sam xxv 23-31.

    The convincing and enlightening power of the Word of GOD produced the great Reformation of the sixteenth century.  The greatest of the Reformers, and he who, in reference to his coadjutors in that stupendous enterprise, was styled by Melancthon, Omnia in omnibus, thus writes in relation to the Bible:  "The Scripture is its own interpreter: trying, judging, and illustrating all things.  If it be not so, why to Augustine and other holy Fathers appeal to the Scriptures as the first principles of truth, and confirm their own assertions by its authority?  Why do we perversely interpret the Scriptures, not by themselves but by human glosses, contrary to the example of all Fathers.  If these fashionable modes of exposition be right, we had better at once admit that the writings of the Fathers are more perspicuous than the Scriptures.  Again:  if this be the case, the Fathers themselves acted very absurdly, when then undertook to prove their own writings by the authority of Scripture, and it will follow, that we ought to pay more regard to expositors than to the Word of GOD.  The Apostles themselves proved their assertions by the Scriptures: yet they surely had more right to plead their own authority than any of the Fathers had.  It is enough that we have learned from the Fathers the duty of studying and diligently laboring in the Scriptures.  It is not necessary that we should approve all their works.  There are seasons when the diligence of many does not afford what a critical opportunity alone gives to one - provided that opportunity be connected with the incomprehensible energy of the Holy Spirit."

    One of the best scholars and most powerful writers that ever helped to enlighten our world, has said of the sacred volume, "that its energetic influence causes the beauties of rhetoricians and philosophers, or anything we have read in Aristotle, Demosthenes, Plato, or Cicerro, almost entirely to disappear."  And what wonder?  The original of the Bible is from heaven, not from earth; the author is GOD, not man; the inditer the Holy Ghost, not merely the uninspired wisdom of prophets and apostles; the form is GOD's Word; the matter all truth and righteousness; and the effects light, pardon, peace, holiness, and eternal life!

    In addition to what has been said, the scared oracles discover the splendor of the Divine Majesty more than all his visible works.  The incomparable simplicity, the elevation of thought, the vastness of subject, and the richness of sentiment unfolded in the Bible, give an exhibition of the transcendent majesty and grandeur of their Author, nowhere else to be found but in heaven itself!  It is this discovery which also puts the finishing touch of sublimity upon the style of the Holy Scriptures, and, more than the mere expression of words, gives the Bible its real dignity!  It is the character of the subject which creates style, and not style which gives character to the subject.

    If, then, the Bible be of such incalculable excellence, such absolute necessity, and such admirable use to mankind, what is the best method to pursue, to obtain the greatest profit in the shortest time from its boundless treasuries of knowledge?  The satisfactory answer to this question is, that the Book of GOD is now presented to every inquirer after divine truth, in the inviting and soul-instructing form of "A Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible."  In this attractive form, this "Book of Books" is now sent forth to the American Public, accompanied with the humble prayer that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, may speed its circulation, until every family in the land and in the world possess it, and that their reading thereof, and meditation thereon, may be crowned in benefit to their souls, with the most divine success.



                     Title                     Book #                     # of Pages
           Arts and Sciences              1                            1 -  34
           Ceremonies                        2                          35 - 48
           Children                               3                          49 - 69
           Conflicts                              4                          70 - 76
           Deity                                    5                          77 - 105
           Devotion                              6                        106 - 139
           Genealogy                           7                         140 - 169
           Holy Days                            8                         170 - 183
           Idols and Idolatry                9                         184 - 211
           Jesus Christ                      10                         212 - 273
           Jews                                   11                         274 - 320
           Kings and Rulers              12                         321 - 356
           Lawless Love                    13                        357 - 372
           Man                                    14                        373 - 410
           Marriage                            15                        411 - 431
           Martyrs                               16                        432 - 440
           Metaphysics                      17                         441 - 484
           Ministers of GOD              18                         485 - 525
           Miracles                             19                         526 - 553
           Morals                                20                         554 - 587
           Natural History                  21                         588 - 622
           Politics                              22                         623 - 668
           Prophecy                          23                         669 - 687
           Providence                       24                         688 - 710
           Sacrifice                           25                         711 - 727
           Scripture                           26                          728 - 747
           Sin and True Religion      27                          748 - 786
           Speech                             28                          787 - 827
           Temples                            29                          828 - 862
           War                                   30                          863 - 925